New schools and Olde hotels

Rob, Andy, Dan and Mike went on a site visit to Rosehill Special School last week. This school comprises of 3 'clusters' of classrooms and a central 'core' building, some refurbished existing buildings and some newly built. Work is nearing completion now, with the school expected to re-open on the site in September.

View towards barrel vaulted entrance:

Upper cluster sixth form common room feature window:

Central core Main Hall and Cafe with posts for canopy to provide sheltered walkways between the building:

You can keep up to date with live progress on the sites webcam:


Also this week our planning application for a mixed use development at the rear of the Olde English Hotel in Matlock has been submitted. The new building has been developed to be a polite and well proportioned neighbour to the historic hotel, through a rigorous study of the existing compositional cues.