The Shortlist

The Forgotten Spaces 2011 Shortlist is now available to view online...

Looks like we've got some very good competition in the final, including one other proposal on the same Forgotten Space...maybe not so forgotten after all!

Our submission for the Cuthbert Bank woodland is the COO-OP...a new proposed initiative between man and bird. The racing pigeons that once inhabited the site are reintroduced to give the site meaning and memory and to involve the current residents: - members of Sheffield’s homeless community. In so doing the site, that for so long has only resided in the short term memory of the local communities as they passed by on their way to other locations, is opened up and made accessible and can become a long term destination in the daily lives of many.

The forgotten redundant pigeon coops that sit in the centre of the site are reused and recycled by refurbishing them with local materials – a joint venture between local businesses and a new community group ‘The COO-OP’ set up to introduce the homeless and societies other unwanted, young offenders, former drug addicts, to new skills and paid work.

Here's our full submission:

From the other shortlisted projects, I particularly like Chris Paterson's Guiding Lights idea, and the Small Hallam Collider is a brilliant project name by Matthew Johnson!

Good luck to all the finalists, we're looking forward to seeing the full entries at the Crucible in September.

Architecture School exhibition season is on us again. Tonight we're attending Nottingham University's 'School of Architecture and the Built Environment' exhibition opening, featuring some post graduate work by one of our previous Directors. Sheffield School of Architecture's annual exhibition opens tomorrow from 5pm in the Crookesmore Building, and Sheffield Hallam are featuring their Architecture degree work in the Creative Spark 2011 exhibition, open to view at the University until the 25th June.