Back again!!

Hello.... long time no write...apologies for that, but shouldn't complain about being busy.

The image above is by our very newest member of staff, John Evans, who had just completed his degree in Architecture. It shows our latest sketch thinking on the roof structure of the design for the new proposed Square Chapel extension linking it back to the Piece Hall in Halifax. Generating a lot of discussion in the office! John used Sketch-up and V-Ray to produce the image which, when combined with our cardboard models really helps us to understand the space.  

Update on the Independent Living Unit at Ashgate Croft School in Chesterfield too. Now nearing completion the windows are in and the final bits of the cladding going up. The spaces inside feel really good so we're really chuffed with how it's looking. The pile of building materials outside should become a patio, lawn and raised vegetable plots in the next couple of weeks. The School start back this week so hope they are surprised with progress over the holidays.

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