The daily grind

The Funeral Directors at Wirksworth is nearing completion now. With 2 weeks to go until the grand opening, the sliding timber gate to enclose the courtyard is being fitted and decoration is well underway inside. The brickwork is settling in with its surroundings and looking great in the Autumn sunshine.

Funeral Directors, Wirksworth from Coldwell Street.
Dan has been continuing to develop the new block adjacent to the Olde English hotel, adding rigour to the elevational design by emphasising the structure and bays in an unwrapped elevation drawing.

Olde English Hotel new flats and retail unit, Matlock
Rob is back teaching at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture as a visiting tutor, recently attending a site visit with pupils to the Longshaw Estate on the outskirts of Sheffield to study a millstone quarry.

Longshaw Estate sketch by Robert Evans