Getting into the groove..

The stonework finish for the Olde English building is developing towards a series of vertical cuts in the stone to emphasise the verticality of the frame, with infill panels defined in sandblasted stones & recessed windows.

The Olde English stonework detailing
We're being as specific as possible with the stone dimensions and set out for each element of the facade to ensure the quality of the finish. Fingers crossed the conservation officers will agree with the approach, and the stone masons on site will be as particular in the construction as we are on the drawings!

Roof samples are also now arriving, included two alternative seam details for the copper rooftop penthouses. These samples are a double lock standing seam for the low pitch roof, and an angle standing seam for the vertical clad walls.

Copper samples for the Penthouse cladding
Also in Matlock, our planning application for the Horseshoe site has now been approved! We're really pleased that the planning department were supportive of our contemporary approach to the site and we're now starting to work on the detail of the buildings with the aim to construct the apartment block over the summer.

The Horseshoe site section - as existing and as proposed
Designs are starting to emerge for the gardens at Ashgate Croft ILU to spend the money we raised for the school last October. Architecture students from Nottingham University had a workshop day at the ILU this week. The School were fantastic with staff taking time out to talk to the students about the ILU and Special Schools and give them the opportunity to meet some of the pupils and School Council. Phil Corbett from "Cool Temperate", a specialist permaculture designer, also joined us to talk through the design of a successful garden and give advice on the types of plants for certain positions, use, appearance, smell and touch. It was a very successful day with the students presenting schemes at the end. They are now completing their designs which hopefully we'll be able to include images of on later blogs. The students also offered to lend a hand to help plant the completed garden design. Many thanks to Nicole Porter from Nottingham University for arranging the day.

The workshop taking place in the gardens and in the ILU building