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Following the success of the Square Chapel Centre for the Arts stage 1 funding bid from the Arts Council in April, we have been developing the detail of the scheme in preparation for submitting the next stage. This has included working on the interior design of the Foyer Space and 'forest glade' roof structure.

Square Chapel Centre for the Arts - Foyer space development

The new residential and commercial block adjacent to the Olde English Hotel in Matlock is now close to starting on site. Our detailed design work is almost complete, including detailed co-ordination of the external envelope, lintels and structural steelwork in every bay of the new building.

Detailed lintel design for the Olde English new block
 Concept design work for a new dwelling in Matlock has been developing in preparation for submitting a pre-planning application shortly. The design is for a simple, clean box that maximises the tight budget with a corner removed to open the living areas to the garden.
New house design for Matlock
Outside of the office, Robert Evans visited the RIBA Yorkshire's 'Spring Cleaning' event this week to give a presentation entitled 'The A-Z of starting (and surviving) in a recession' which draws on his experience of setting up during recession in the 90's and keeping the business going in the current climate. A few of the slides are below - can you guess what the letters stand for?!

Evans Vettori Architecture A-Z: Letter C

Evans Vettori Architecture A-Z: Letter X