Model Students.

It was great to see some of the students projects that were reviewed by the office in their final form at the Nottingham University School of Architecture exhibition. Some of the fantastic work on show was inspirational, particularly the two examples from second year students below - the detail of the some of the black and white hand drawings was highly skilled and it's refreshing to see colour and activity being used to bring architectural drawings to life.

Nottingham University Department of Architecture - Second year exhibition drawings.
Back in the office we are hoping to inspire work experience students who are visiting us from Highfields School in Matlock. Last week the student took on the redesign of Matlock railway station as his design project and came up with some great ideas that were developed in this model:

Work experience student model - Railway station by Logan
This week another student is looking to redesign the boathouse for the pleasure boat lake in Hall Leys Park, hopefully some more models and drawings will be produced to include next time.

Out on site, groundworks for the new house at Fritchley has commenced. British summertime weather conditions haven't helped so far, but at least it's a start!

Groundworks starting for new house in Fritchley
Work has also started on the site adjacent to the Olde Englishe hotel. We're currently finalising details with various sub-contractors, including steelwork and external lighting designs.
Olde Englishe Sub-contractors drawings:
External lighting by Concord Sylvania and Steelwork by Templemill Engineering Ltd
Lastly - many thanks to Maria Valentina for sending us a comment on the blog - we're not sure why it didn't appear with the post, but we did receive it and it's nice to know someone out there is reading!