Happy New Year!

The new year brought us the good news that our public realm framework project for Bakewell Town Centre was Highly Commended at the Landscape Institute Awards. We worked on this project titled 'The Gatherings' with Landscape Architect Maxim Urban Design. The judges commented: ‘This is a well-presented and thorough appraisal of public realm function, purpose and practical use. It is an appealing community based plan with realistic priorities for delivery.' 

In Matlock, the scaffold canopy that has kept The Horseshoe apartments dry over winter is being removed, revealing the coursed stone elevation to the streetscene, which is starting to look like our initial sketch design drawing. The apartments are now for sale, and we are developing plans for two semi-detached houses behind the apartments.

The apartments at The Horseshoe, Matlock Green -
Initial design sketch and during construction

In Fritchley the front elevation is almost watertight with the windows being installed. The elevation will be completed with secret fixed cedar cladding to complete the infill between the windows and galvanised steel columns. Internally the electrical first fix is underway and the whole house should be completed early Spring.

South Field, Fritchley - In construction

The Olde English development is also taking shape now the corduroy stonework is almost complete. The timber box at the top will be clad in copper, with panels of copper cladding by glazing to the flats on the first and second floors. Larger glazed openings are provided to the commercial units behind the collonade at ground floor.

The Olde English development, Matlock - in construction

At earlier stages of work we are looking at a number of small scale housing developments in our local area. As well as the proposed eco-house that we have mentioned in previous blogs, we have been looking at possibilities for a new take on estate housing in Matlock as well as the redevelopment of nearby historical factory space to quirky residential accommodation. Our title image shows a concept for estate housing following a study of public and private spaces and an attempt to eradicate the unused strips "no-man's land" that can litter modern developments, and hopefully look good too!