Autumn Update - Square Chapel on Site, Carbon Negative at Clifton, Part 3 Congratulations and Website Update...

"Square Chapel Centre for the Arts on Site"

Construction has begun on our project in Halifax to ‘extended and improve’ the Grade II*-listed former chapel. The development includes a 108 seat multi-purpose auditorium fully-equipped for use as a cinema, studio and general performance space. The design borrows from the rectilinear form of the existing Chapel and features a copper-clad finish.

"Looks like progress!" Photo: @Gagarin_Studio

In addition to updating the dressing rooms, improving toilet facilities and an overhaul of the access and layout - a brand new 'delta' shaped foyer (complete with café-bar and outdoor seating area) links the auditorium to the existing Piece Hall and Square chapel buildings.

Click here to view the design project page on our website.


"Carbon Negative at NTU..."

It's great to see the "Heart of the Campus" development at NTU being enjoyed by both the students and academics in it's first operational semester.

And to hear that the Pavilion is the university’s first building to be awarded an A+ rated Carbon-Negative Energy Performance Certificate is fantastic news! 

"It is not just about the energy efficiency" - The project takes advantage of
natural ventilation and daylight as well as integrating smart LED lighting
and PIR sensors. Photo: Hannah Oakman

Environmental Manager Grant Anderson commented: “We have been working hard to improve our sustainability credentials and receiving an EPC rating of A+ for the new Pavilion building is an excellent achievement for the university."

Read more about the project's sustainability credentials in the 'Edquarter' article here.

"Thermal Mass" The concrete canopy was a key component
in achieving
 the A+ rating. Photo: Hannah Oakman

Click here to view the design project page on our website.


"Refectory Developments"

Rounding off the news for NTU - construction progress is well on it's way for the refectory refurbishment. This photograph really captures the effect of the newly installed 'lantern'.

More images and updates to come in due course!

'NTU Refectory' PhotoAndrew Hopewell


"Architect in the Office..."

The office is extremely proud to announce that our very own Harriet Palmer has completed her part 3 exams and been awarded with a distinction for her work!

"Congratulations Harriet!" Pictured here with NTU Chief Financial
and Operations Officer Stephen Jackson at the recent
"Heart of the Campus" opening party celebrations.


"Website Update"

We're pleased to announce that the website has received an update, see for yourself here!

The update includes the addition of several of our latest projects, improved imagery, an up-to-date awards list and quick links to our social media profiles - check them out on Instagram and Twitter!


As always, thanks for your support - Rob, Dan & co.